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Impact the health of your adult patients with diabetes by ensuring they receive up-to-date vaccinations, including those for influenza and COVID-19.

Why it’s important for you to be a vaccine champion:

  • During flu seasons, influenza vaccinations have been shown to reduce all-cause mortality in adult patients with T2D by 50%
  • Having T1DM and T2DM independently tripled the risk for hospitalization and severe illness related to COVID-19 compared to those that do not have diabetes.
  • A recommendation from their healthcare professional is the strongest predictor of whether patients get vaccinated.

Use these resources and tools to improve your patients’ vaccination coverage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) awarded a cooperative agreement to the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) to improve vaccination among high-risk adults. This five-year quality improvement initiative is focused on increasing immunization rates for high-risk adults with chronic medical conditions.

CMSS has partnered with seven specialty societies to implement targeted immunization and quality improvement strategies and activities which will support increased vaccination of high-risk patients served by their members.

AACE is a global, inclusive community of more than 5,700 endocrine-focused members. AACE is the face and hands of endocrinology that touch tens of millions of patients a year with the latest clinical advances, to improve the health and lives of those living with endocrine disorders. As the hub of knowledge and experience in clinical endocrinology, AACE defines the best paths of patient care and disease prevention, educates multi-disciplinary care teams and our patients, and sets the factual record straight about endocrine diseases. To learn more about AACE's involvement within the Specialty Societies Advancing Adult Immunizations project, please click here.

The Specialty Societies Advancing Adult Immunization (SSAAI) program is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of a financial assistance award to the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) totaling $41,508,742 with 100 percent funded by CDC/HHS. The contents are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of nor endorsement, by CDC/HHS or the U.S. Government.

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